Boosterthon Challenge

On Oct 15, we met with the Boosterthon administration and finalized our program. We have reached our goal of raising $20,000! Thank you to all, and we sincerely hope that your students received a lasting memory. There are some other metrics that may be of interest to you, so here’s the list:
– $21,158 in profit to our school!
– 1,161 unique donors
– 35 States
– 13 Countries
– 83% family participation
– 48% donations from parents, and the 52% was from other donors such as grandparents, relatives, friends, and corporations. This is important because our goal was to have less than 50% of funds come from parents. This 48% was roughly expected, and the PTA was glad to see this particular measurement.

Lastly, we would like your feedback. Please consider taking this short survey so that the PTA can improve our service to the school community. Click HERE to share your feedback!

Boosterthon Images

Checkout all the fun Sandpipers had at the Boosterthon run.

Photo credits: Svetla Clancy photography

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Can I attend my student’s Obstacle Challenge?

A:  Yes!!  Please do come an cheer for them on this special occasion.  This is a great experience for them and wonderful memory for you.  Please consider coming early or staying to help another grade distribute water.

Q:  Where do I park?

A:  Parking will be at the west and north sides of the building.  You can also park along one lane of the entrance from Parkside Drive.  If  you are local, please consider walking or riding a bike to the event.

Q:  Do I have to sign in at the office?

A:  No, you can head to the 3-5 playground where the event is held.

Q:  Where can I stand to view the event?

A:  The Boosterthon staff will instruct you to stand on the outside of the course, or in the middle, but not to move back and forth during the event for safety reasons.

Q:  Should I bring water for my student?

A:  There will be water stations with water for the students so it’s not necessary.