The PTA collected 74 innovation entries from the 4th and 5th grade. These entries will go out to judges for evaluation. We will anxiously await the top scoring entries and do our best to realize them in prototype form. The Innovation Night on March 4th featured 19 companies from around the area showcasing their ideas brought to life.

The Parkside Elementary Innovation program contains two elements. An Innovation Night, and  encouragement for students to document their ideas.

Innovation Night:

We invite companies around the triangle on March 4th (6-8pm) to showcase their innovation to the students.  The school curriculum is Project Based, and it’s vision is “Empowerment through Innovation”. We wish to show them the result of creative thinking and perseverance, and are excited to host this event.

For Companies that would like to participate on March 4th:

Please click HERE so we can gather information about your attendance.  We would like to have a description of your idea, an explanation of your project, and the result of your work.  It does not need to be a commercialized product, only an idea brought to life. After submitting the form, we will send you more information about the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you asking to have me show my company’s Intellectual Property?

A: Absolutely Not.  Show only what you are comfortable with sharing.  The idea does not even need to be new. You can show an idea that failed to address the intended problem.  You can show an idea that is already in production.

Q: Are you looking to have an elaborate display or the display that I bring to a professional convention?

A: No.  We are only looking for a very simple representation of the result of an idea brought to life.  This could be a prototype part, a production part or system, some coding, a process that was improved, etc.  Something that you could put together in an hour or so with things you already have is sufficient.

Q: Does participation cost anything?

A: No. You are welcome to hand out an explanation of your idea, or a neat trinket to remember the evening, but there is no expectation.  Let us know if you would like access to graphics files.

Q: How much time do we have to set up?

A: About an hour.  Carpool ends a little after 4pm, but hopefully you can arrive around 5pm and get set up by 6.  Again, we are not looking for elaborate displays, so an hour should be enough time.

Bringing Ideas to Life

In the third quarter (Jan-March) we will encourage students to document their ideas.  It can be anything a physical part or system, an app, an improvement to an existing product anything.

We hope that the students are further inspired by the Innovation Night, and mature their mindset about the world around them.  In the fourth quarter, the Innovation committee will select one or more ideas to realize. We have allocated funds and will reach out to the local community to prototype the idea(s).  It is our hope that this PTA enhancement will be of significant value, and motivate them to make an impact on the future.